Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have just finished testing the product, it was well developed and I think it deserves some attention. Am still trying it out.

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  1. FastReport .Net 1.3 released!
    What is new in version 1.3?

    + added monochrome TIFF export
    + added Excel 2007 export
    + added PowerPoint 2007 export
    + added MHT (web-archive) export
    + added DBF export
    + added ODBC connection
    + added Oracle ODP.NET connection
    + added ability to print copy name on the printed page (see
    + "Features/Print Copy Names" report) added built-in support for
    + cascaded data filtering (DetailControl property). See the
    + "Dialogs/Cascaded Data Filtering" report added "apply" flags to the
    + style elements added band's context menu items for easy creation of
    + child band and detail data band added TextObject.NullValue property
    + (to replace null values with specified string) added
    + TextObject.ProcessAt property (allows to print totals in the header)
    + added the ImageExport.MonochromeTiffCompression property added
    + HTMLExport.WidthUnits, HTMLExport.HeightUnits properties (allows
    + selection between Pixel and Percent) added the Message-HTML (MHT,
    + MHTML, web-archive) mode in HTML export (HTMLExport.Format property)
    + added Config.DesignerSettings.FilterConnectionTables event added
    + DataSourceBase.Load event to load detail rows in code added Croatian
    + localization added Persian localization added new demo projects in the
    + Demos\VB.Net folder added "Script/Sort Group By Total" report
    * improved "Keep with data" mechanism
    - fixed bug with Matrix and Table objects (Visible property is not working)
    - fixed bug with MS SQL connection (can't use tables in schemas other than dbo.*)
    - fixed bug in Medium Trust mode
    - fixed bug in business objects (duplicate datasource names)
    - fixed bug in dialogue forms (switch to the dialog page may throw an exception)
    - fixed bug in query builder
    - fixed bug with OutlineExpression and RepeatOnEveryPage
    - fixed bug with KeepChild
    - fixed bug with exporting barcodes
    - fixed bug in dialogue controls (Enabled & data filtering)
    - fixed bug with RepeatOnEveryPage band with child
    - fixed Matrix&Table bug (infinite loop if there is not enough space to print a column)
    - fixed bug in PDF export (file structure)
    - fixed designer exception when copying the total
    - fixed exception when closing the designer
    - fixed bug with disabling the navigator in HTML export
    - fixed bug with size of WebReport in percents
    - fixed PDF export (digits substitution in Arabic)
    - fixed bug with sorting on a calculated column
    - fixed bug in the PDF export (export of band with zero height and non-solid fill)
    - fixed bug in the text/expression editor (drag&drop items from the data tree)
    - fixed bug in the Excel 2007 export
    - fixed bug in the printer settings dialog (printer properties)
    - fixed bug with Outline when several reports are joined into one
    - fixed search in the preview
    - fixed bug in the group when there is no data to display

    FastReport.Net is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. It can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 and Delphi Prism.
    It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher.

    With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent reports.
    In other words, FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool.